Sunday, February 27, 2011

My sweet cousin, Jessie...

There is this girl, her name is Jessie, and she is a beautiful angel in heaven.

She was a daughter, sister, grand daughter, cousin, friend, and soon to be mommy.

She passed away almost 3 years ago, on March 14th.

She was my sweet, smiling, "hugger" cousin.

I miss her alot.

She was such a good big sister to her 3 little sister's, Annie, Harlie, and Gracie. She was the "rock" for her family.

We all miss her.

She was on her way to her first OB appointment with her boyfriend, and had just found out she was 11 weeks pregnant. She was also going to go visit with her sister's..

He said that morning she danced around the apartment singing "I get to go see my sister's today, I get to go see my sister's".....

She never made it to the appt or to see her sister's.

The weather wasn't the greatest that day, as there was some freezing rain coming down. From what we know, they were driving along on the highway, when they crossed a small bridge, and hit some ice. The truck ran off the road and down a small embankment.

For reasons we will never know, Jessie did not have her seatbelt on. She usually wears her seatbelt. Why in the world, with the weather being bad, did she not this time?

Jessie was thrown from the truck was unconscious. She was rushed to the nearest trauma hospital.

I'll never forget getting the phone call.

I was at the bridal shop, trying on what would end up being my wedding dress.

My Mom said "Jessie has been in an accident, and she is in critical condition". I immediately gathered my stuff, and went up to the hospital.

There she lie. Looking as pretty as ever, like she was asleep. She was not breathing on her own, but other than that, she had not a scratch on her.

I hugged her Mom and Dad, and we prayed that everything would be ok.

Well, it was not. After 1 week of practically living up in the hospital waiting room, the doctors told us it was time. Time to say good-bye.

We were not ready. I was not ready.

I questioned the doctors over and over. I wanted more test ran. They assured me that they had done everything possible.

I had to accept that she was going to die. She was brain dead.

We all went in, one by one and held her hand.

When it was my turn, I held her hand, and talked to her.

I asked her to please squeeze my hand. Please Jessie, wake up!!

She did not move. I said it louder. "Jessie, this is your last chance, please show me a sign of life".

Still no response. I cried.

Was I really going to have to let her go?

How would her sister's get along without her?

How would her Mom and Dad get along without her?

She was one of many many cousins, who are all more like brothers and sisters. She had just started hanging out with all the older ones.

Was this really happening? She was only 22 years old, and pregnant. Just starting her life.

Gracie, her youngest sister was only 8, but was very close with Jess. How would Gracie handle it?

WHY WHY WHY??? The emotions and questions wouldnt stop.

Our family helped hold each other up.

We knew that it was her time.

For whatever reason, God wanted her back. So, we said our good-byes....

We will never forget our sweet little Jessica JoAnn..and her unborn son, Max.

We love you Jessie!!!!!! We miss you and will never forget you!

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  1. That is so tragic. I'm bawling. I'm so sorry for your loss.