Thursday, February 24, 2011

She can sit!!!

Saturday January 22, 2010

This post is back dated..Just one day after turning 6 months old, our little Sugar Bear all of the sudden decided to start sitting up! 

Joe and I had dropped Jalen and Hallie off at my parents for a couple hours, while we went and ate Hereford House. No special occasion, just us spending some quiet Mommy and Daddy time together. 

I feel so blessed that we have my parents who will watch our kids with open arms, anytime we need them. 

We dont like to leave Hallie with just anyone, and not very much at all. We feel like she is our baby, and we should be the one's to take care of her. 

If we do decide we need some alone time, we will only leave her if we know she has had a good nap, and only for an hour or two. 

Some people may not agree with this, and that is perfectly fine. But we feel it is our job as parents to make her world as cushy, loved, and secure as possible at all times. That place is with us!..

That being said, Hallie did pretty well. She started to get fussy towards the end, probably wondering where we were. 

Luckily, her big bro Jalen was there with her. He is her comfort when we are not around. 

We have only left her a couple of times, and each time he was with her, and towards the end he was the only one she wanted to hold her. 

I think thats pretty special, and I bet it makes Jalen feel good also. 

She really loves her bro bro alot, and is starting to notice him alot more. I will ask, "where is brother", or "where is Jalen", and she will look around. 

Its really cute. 

As usual, we kind of rushed through dinner because we dont like to leave her for very long, and we know she will only be ok with it for a short period.  

When we got back to my parents, we hung out in my Mom and Dad's room for a while. 

Hallie was all smiles, and decided at that moment, that she was ready to sit up all by herself! She was really doing it~without falling over!..

So, of course we pulled out our phone right away, and got it on record.

 Its so cool these days that not only can we take pictures of her within a few seconds, we can capture her milestones on video also!! 

She is growing so fast, and is a very happy, healthy girl. She smiles and laughes alot. 

I've noticed her Daddy can make her laugh like no one else. She will crack up at him playing peek-a-boo:) She loves him alot, and he is so in love with her. 

Hallie has brought so much joy to our lives! She has shown us all how to love harder, and that even though she is adopted, it makes absolutely NO difference. 

Jalen is the best big brother ever, and the best son I could ever ask for!! 

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