Tuesday, February 8, 2011

~Milk Sharing~

Milk sharing is a term used for women who do just that.

They share their precious "liquid gold" (breast milk) with other babies who are in need.

May it be a baby who's mother is unable to breast feed, an adopted baby, or even sick babies who are in need of an immune booster, which breast milk is the best thing for.

Before looking into adoption, I had never heard of, or even given this concept any thought.

I just assumed that if a baby was unable to get breast milk, for whatever reason, that the baby would be put on formula.

I am very thankful that I was introduced to this awesome way of helping our baby be the healthiest she can be, and giving her the best start possible.

Our little Sugar Bear is almost 7 months old, adopted, and has never had an ounce of formula, and never will.

I pump twice a day, and usually get about 6-8 oz each time (see my entry on adoptive breast feeding). All of her other feedings are that of donated breast milk from generous women in our area.

We have a deep freezer FULL of it!!

These gracious women who donate, **do not ask for a dime**. They do it solely out of the kindness of their hearts.

They are feeding the same milk to their own baby, and most of them are health conscience, and have an abundant supply of milk that they would rather share then throw down the drain.

A Dr's screening is provided, if requested by the recipient, showing that the donor mother does not have any illnesses, and is healthy.

I feel very confident we are doing the right thing by giving our daughter donated breast milk. She is very healthy and happy. She has never been sick and I thank God everyday for the donation of breast milk to keep my baby healthy.

Thanks to a global organization who operates on facebook, called HM4HB (Human Milk 4 Human Babies),  women who feel the same way as my husband and I, are able to post if they are in need of milk,  or if they want to donate milk.

Its awesome!!!! I am so beyond thankful that I was introduced to this way of life for my baby girl. I have a feeling she would thank me:)

As a mother, nurse, and person who follows my instincts, I 100% feel like I am doing the right thing.

I want more women to know that this is an option for them.

~~~Breast is best, pumped milk is 2nd best, donor milk is 3rd, and lastly formula~


Daddy filling up our freezer



  1. These pics of Hallie amongst the donated milk bags & her BIG smile, make me SO happy I have tears in my eyes. Thank you MILK DONOR MAMAS!!

  2. Yay for donated milk! I always feel like a kid on Christmas morning when I get those big boxes of frozen donor milk! Good for you guys :)

  3. Just wanted to comment and share your joy. I also use donated milk for my girl, who is now 10 months old. She, too, has never had a drop of formula and never will. I had breast reduction surgery 10 years ago and make only a small fraction of her necessary milk. EoF and milksharing in general have been like shining angels for us!

  4. LOVE IT! The picture of your daughter reaching for her baggie is wonderful :-)

  5. Thanks u all for the nice comments:) I appreciate them!!

  6. That is such a wonderful story. I just donated 300 oz. of my breastmilk to a family in need and it was a great feeling. I hope to donate more in the future. EoF is an amazing organization. I'm so happy to see that not all mother's are turning to formula to feed their babies when there are other options out there.