Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day 2011

Today was a great day!

Valentine's Day 2011...started off with Joe getting up at 6:45 with Jalen, taking him to school at 7:30, and then taking care of Hallie when she woke up at 7:40.

I slept in until about 8:45, when Joe had to leave for school.

When I got up, I went downstairs, and saw 2 dozen roses from my hubby sitting on the kitchen counter. Along with it was the sweetest card ever.

He blew up some red and pink balloons also.

Hallie and I played around all morning. I then put her in her in a cute red dress with white hearts, and a headband with a red flower. I took some pictures of her and had prints made for Daddy.

Grandma Debi came over in the afternoon, and we chatted for a long time. Hallie was asleep, but got woke up to our dog barking.

Then Jalen called and wanted a ride home from school. He usually walks, but for whatever reason he didnt want to today.

So, Debi went and picked him up. When they got back, she gave Jalen and Hallie some things she had bought them at Nordstroms. That's her "go to" department store. Their stuff is pricey, but good quality.

Jalen was excited to get a new pair pf PJ's, and outfit, and Hallie got a few really cute outfits.

When Joe finally got home, he stayed home with the kids while I ran a couple of errands.

I went to pick up some milk from a girl about 15 minutes from my house.

After that I went and got Hallie, and we made a trip to Whole Foods for some Valentine's Day dinner items.

Rotisserie chicken, chicken tortilla soup, salad, and chocolate covered strawberries for dessert.

We all sat at the dining room table(which doesnt happen very often), and enjoyed a candlelit dinner. Hallie played in her highchair, while we enjoyed our meal.

We drank apple juice and water out of wine glasses, and talked about our day.

It was really nice. We always eat as a family, just not usually at the big dining room table. We are usually at the bar in the kitchen, sitting on barstools.

After dinner, Joe took Jbird to his Boy Scouts meeting, while I tried to get Sugar Bear to sleep.

After rocking her, singing to her, and walking around a bit, she was out!

Overall today was a great day! I am a happy wife and mommy, and I feel so blessed!

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