Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The big move

So, wow... It's been a busy last few weeks.

Joe and I (and Jalen) have long talked about moving somewhere.

We all love the beach, sun, nice weather, ocean, & mountains..After having another one of our, "wouldn't it be cool if...we lived by the beach.. La la la, jalen said "when are we ever gonna do it?!!"

That got us all talking about how much we wanted to go explore somewhere.

Joe and Jalen wanted Australia at first. I wasn't really down, because it's so far, it's a whole other country (which means work permit laws, residency, stuff we wouldn't have to deal with in the US. Then Costa Rica came up.

We researched it, looked at different advantages and disadvantages to it. None of us were opposed, but not totally sold either.

It's Spanish speaking (mostly), there are lots of crazy wild animals.

Like huge spiders, and things like jaguars and stuff. So I said "what about Maui"?

After discussing, We all agreed it would be a good fit for our family.

We said "let's go for it", "make it happen".. So we put our house (slater) up for rent. Just a few days later, we had interested renters. That's a whole other story in itself on how we found them..

We liked them alot, and they had to be out of their place in about 9 days, so we had to get a move on it!

I was the packer, and Joe was the mover.

This is a 4,000 sq foot house we are talking about!

With the help of my brother Chase, bro Zach, and Joes buddy Landon, we got our whole house moved in about 5-6 days.

Joe and I just got tattoos the day before starting the move. Joe did it all barefoot. By the end, his tattoo was tore up! It was split open in places, and very painful.

We left August 1, for our 12 day pre-planned vacation to California.

We stayed at the Shores, and went to La Jolla for the mini family reunion. Joes foot healed, we were completely out of our home, and moved into the old house(joes house before he met me), and were on vacation.

Talk about hectic..while in California we decided to take the old house (our 2nd home) off the market and find renters.

At the same time, my brother Zach was looking for a place with 2 guys from school.

It worked out just perfect.

They are allowing us to keep some stuff there, which allows us not to have to pay for storage.

So, we got our flight booked, and we are leaving August 31st.

We are very excited and have lots to do before we leave.

Joe is looking into a job over there, and plans to take some business classes to further his career at Gill Studios (the family printing company)

I am excited to connect with my little family on a whole new level.

Jalen, good luck starting 7th grade tomorrow! It's a new year! Have fun and keep being the awesome kid you are!

Hallie and Jalen are in for a good year:)

I will try and keep my blog updated while we adventure through our next chapter in life!!

Wish us luck!