Sunday, June 12, 2011

She said MAMA!!

So much has happened in the past few weeks!!

Little Sugar Bear is walking all over the place now. She looks so adorable, with her little stick legs, wobbling as fast as can be across the room.

This past weekend, she started getting up in the middle of the room, and taking off!

She also did something I personally, have been waiting patiently for..she started saying "mama, mama"!! When she wants me, she just says "mamamamama"...I love it!

Jalen is doing good. He is getting into acting a little, and was very successful at a weekend event here in KC.

He got 6 "callbacks" from agents in LA, Chicago, Atlanta, and KC!

He already has a script to read, and they all want updated pics of him. We will see where the road takes us.

We are being very cautious, as we have heard not to pay any agent any money!!

We went to the lake over the weekend with my 4 brothers, wives, and kids.

It was a blast!

The lake house where I grew up, was sold out of the family for a little while, but is now back in my immediate family.

So happy!!

It was fun rising in the boat, eating pizza on the lake, cliff jumping, and stopping at Mimosa for ice cream.

Dinners around the table were very loud and eventful!

Babies crawling around, footballs being thrown around outside, and living in our bathing suits is where its at.

THANKS Casey and Rachel for having us all down! What an "epic" weekend is turned out to be!!

                                                         Arlie Mae
                                                 Me and my sister in laws
                                                    hanging on the boat!
                                                          Getting ready to eat some PIZZA!

                                                  Uncle Zach and Chase with their nieces
                                                        Dinner time!!
                                             Kayla and Arlie helped me make a cake!!