Friday, May 17, 2013

our house guests have left..

Well our family just left who was here visiting us from Kansas. 

My cousin Lacey came with her husband Joey, and their little boy Kruz. We had a ton of fun. Hallie and Kruz are only a month apart and had a great time playing (and fighting) together. They both are the sweetest little kids though, and really enjoyed playing play dough, eating cereal, digging in the sand, and warm baths/showers usually spent pouring water on each others heads:) 

Kruz LOVED Jalen and kept calling him his "best friend"... "where my best friend go"? He kept saying.. <3

We went camping for Kruz's 3rd birthday and Mother's Day at a killer beach. Two tents, 15 feet from the ocean(but totally safe), a big fire (which is a story in itself, but we will just say we now know that open fires are illegal in the state of Hawaii..haha), and birthday cake! What could get better?!

We absolutely love having our family and friends come visit us! Its so fun to experience another part of the world with the people we love. 

in other news..
we are extremely busy right now with all of the new things coming our way. Our house is finalized, we are working now on making it "ours"..its an amazing place with tons of potential, it just needs some TLC which we are happily willing to give. I will update on that soon>>