Monday, July 25, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday Hallie Rose!

Whew...its been a busy couple of days!

We are in the midst of moving all of our stuff out of our home, and into storage. Our little family of 4 is headed to Hawaii for an adventurous year!

In the mean time, Hallie turned 1!!! Yayyy Sugar Bear!

I want to say a couple things to you, my sweet little munchkin...

You are more than what we could have ever dreamed of!

You light up our life like the bright sun.

You have not left our side since the day we got you.

We love sleeping with you, waking up to your smiling face, and spending every waking minute with you.

Jalen is such a good big bro bro.

He carries you around and you love to go into his room and play around. Although we must be very careful when you do, because it is a war zone in there.

You are the most comfortable with Mom, Dad or Jalen. If any of us 3 are holding you, your a happy girl.

 You are always smiling, and always wake up happy! How lucky are we??

We just had you birthday party and it was doggy themed. Every time you see a dog, you make a high pitched noise, smile, and want to pet them.

Your doggy pillow pet is one of your favorite things, which you love to lunge at, and lay on.

Stuffed animals are a favorite also. In particular, the froggy that was Jalens when he was little. You grab it, and hug it.

Glowy, the glow worm is special to you also. Gramdma Debi got that for you, and it has definitely got alot of use.

I just cannot express enough what a joy you are, and how blessed we feel to be your parents. We could have not made a more perfect little girl.

We are so grateful that God, and your birth mom, Jennieke, chose us to be your parents.

Its funny, because people are constantly telling us how much you and Jalen look alike.

Some people even say that you look like your Dad or me. We love hearing that!

It proves to us that God made you especially for us!

You havent shown much interest in food yet.

Some things you do like are raisins, grapes(not the skin), strawberries, scrambled eggs, and your beans!

And your most favorite thing of all..your Mommy's milk!!

You still dont hold your own bottle, mainly because we lovingly feed you every time.

We sing to you, rock you, or lay in a quiet bed with you to drink your milky.

We feel it is very important for you to feel loved and secure at all times.

The sling and backpack are what we use to carry you in whenever we need it.

When your in the backpack, you love to stand up on the bar, and look around at anything you can!

You are very curious and very active!

The other day you started kicking a soccer ball around the living room.

No one taught you, it was just something you decided to do on your own. I can almost guarantee you will be an athlete of some kind.

We will expose you to all different sports and hobbies to see what you like to do.

Jalen is very into music and so are you!

When he plays his guitar, you want to get over to him as fast as possible so that you can help him play.

Recently, you started dancing when there is music on. It is the cutest thing ever.

Your walking all over the place, and getting into every cabinet.

Sometimes you even run! When you think Oki is coming to get you, off you go, screaming and laughing.

We have been on many vacations since you were born, and your a great traveler. (Colorado twice, California, and The Lake)

You love the water, and just this summer you got very used to being on Uncle Casey's boat. The lifejacket was not your favorite at first, but eventually you got used to it.

Mommy got a tattoo on your birthday that is a rose and says "Hallie Rose". Daddy got one the day before.

We both love you more than words can express, and so does big bro, Jalen.

All your Grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins love you too.

We are excited to see what the future holds for you, and we promise to try and make your life the best one possible.

We <3 you Hallie Rosebud!!!!!!