Sunday, February 19, 2012

Our awesome Valentine's Day! (and a little bit of potty talk)

Our very first Valentine's Day on Kauai was a great one!

The night before, when Joe, Jalen and Hallie were sleeping, I set up all their gifts I got them on the kitchen table. 

I made it look all pretty, and Valentine's dayish. 

They each got a bar of homemade soap, and then each got another small gift from me. 

I got Joe these really cool letters made out of horseshoe's..they read J (heart) C.

Jalen got a new hat from a local surf shop, and some Fruity Pepples cereal. He has been wanting it for a long time, and since we do not typically buy sugary cereal, I figured I would treat him. 

He finished the box in less than a week, so I think he was loving it!

And Hallie Rose got an electric toothbrush that has Barbie on it. She loves to play with mine, so I thought I would encourage teeth brushing by getting her one of her own. 

The next morning, when Hallie and I woke up, Joe had decorated the kitchen counter top with pink and red roses(my favorite), red tulips for Hallie, and my phone was sitting there with a post it that read "press play".

When I opened up my phone and pressed play, "Love Song" by Adele played. 

Hallie and I danced to the beautiful tune, while basking in the love surrounding us.

We then went about our day as planned, which consisted of toddler class at the library, playing at the park, and tending to my other domestic duties. 

I dressed her in a cute t-shirt with hearts on it, and let her pick out her diaper that day. 

She chose red. 

She also insisted on wearing her pink Ugg boots, so she looked very cute to say the least.

Later that day, we picked Jalen up from the bus stop, and waited for Dad to come home from work. 

He came home early, and was prepared to cook us all a yummy Valentine's meal. 

Fish from Hanalei Dolphin, brown rice, and salad. 

I also made an ice cream cake, which we enjoyed after our dinner.

It was a great day, filled with love. 

A few days after V-day, Hallie started something new....

She is going potty in the toilet!

We still put a diaper on her, but she can pretty much go pee "on command". 

She thinks its pretty cool to sit up on the toilet, so we have been having her go often. 

We cheer and praise her each time she goes. 

She runs around naked alot, so I think that has helped in her realizing whats going on "down there". 

I cant believe my little baby is going potty in the toilet already!

Everyone says "they grow up so fast", which is SO true!

I also can't believe my first baby is going to be 13 in a couple of weeks. 

We got him something really cool, but I wont say yet what it is. 

He is flying to Ohau with the Island School Olympaids team on March 3rd(his b-day) to compete against other schools in the state of Hawaii.

I am such a proud Mommy and wife. 

I am blessed beyond belief, and feel so fortunate to have such a wonderful little family unit. 

I love them more than anyone or anything in the entire world. 

They are my life, my love, my heart, and happiness.