Monday, March 28, 2011

wave bye-bye boy scout camp:)

Little Sugar Bear started waving "bye-bye" today!

We went over to Grandma's house to visit for the afternoon. My Mom was waving to her and saying "bye-bye", and she just all of the sudden, did it back! It was so cute!

That is the second thing she has done at my parents house for the first time. She sat up on her own over there, we got it on video.

She is a little over 8 months old now, and getting to be such a big girl. She crawls everywhere and pulls up on everything!

She is starting to show a teeny bit of interest in solids, but nothing substantial. We gave her pieces of a banana today, and she liked it. Although, it was a little slippery for her to pick up.

In the past few days, she has started using her pincer grasp, which makes it easier for the food to enter in her mouth. That tells me she is getting more and more ready for solids. I am not going to push the issue though, she will do it when she wants.

I am still pumping twice a day, and getting about 8 oz each time. She also has her donated breast milk.

 We just went the other night and picked up more. The donor Mom gives us 12 oz bags! And lots of them..She is also feeding her own baby, so apparently she has an abundant supply! Lucky for us:)!!

J-bird is more in love with his baby sister than ever!

He kisses her and helps out with her whenever we need him.

He comes in each morning before school, and kisses her and I good-bye. He tells her he loves her, and tries his best to kiss her gently, so she doesn't wake up.

He had a Boy Scout campout this weekend. He said it was alot of fun! Im so glad he enjoys the outdoors, and loves to learn about survival stuff.

Next month is a shot gun camp out. His Dad is going to go to that one with him.

Then, this summer he has a 10 day camp!..I know he is learning alot, and also enjoying himself, which makes me happy.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Job well done....

Yayyy!!! Joe passed his boards! Im so beyond happy for him.

I know how good it feels to finally be done, and know that he is now certified in something very important.

Its a great feeling knowing your able to help others out in an emergency medical situation.

Who woulda thought:)))??...Joe in the medical world!? (he doesnt like needles and blood, or so he thought)

Good job babe. I knew you could do it!

Friday, March 18, 2011

good luck Joe!

Today, the hubby took his state boards to become a licensed EMT. Tommorrow he has to get up at 5:00am, drive 2 hours, and take his practical exam. I know he will do awesome!

He is all finished with his class, and ended up with a big ol' A!!! He is such a smart guy:))

I am so proud of him, and cant wait till he becomes a firefighter!! He is going to be a huge asset to whatever dept he gets on with.

He is so fast, efficient, responsible, dependable, etc, etc...when he puts his mind to something, he wants to be the best!

He is 34 years old, and finally doing what he has wanted to do since he was a little boy.

I always say "its never to late to do what you love"..He is such a good role model for Jalen, our 12 year old.

I will be thinking about him tomorrow and hoping he does well. Good night ya'll!!

Monday, March 14, 2011

lake, diapering, camp, and that order

Just got back from a wonderful weekend at the lake! The weather was so beautiful on Saturday, got a little colder on Sunday, and today...its snowing!! Ughhh...getting so ready for the warm weather!

The kids had a good time. Jalen got to ride his 4 wheeler around, and Hallie just got to hang around, and be a baby:)

We stayed at my husband's parents house on Friday, and then went to my brother and sister-in-law's on Saturday. It was a great time!

Finley, my 2 year old niece, absolutely LOVES "cousin Jalen". She follows him around and says, "I love you Jalen". And when she get in trouble at home, she cries from time out, "I want my cousin Jalen"!! He is so good with all the little girl cousins. Im so proud of him.

Hallie is still going strong in cloth diapers. We are learning what we like, and what works best for us.

Right now we are using pre-folds with a cover, and I bought a few "all in ones" to try out.

We are using a diaper service for a little while, until we get the hang of it. It is only $20/week, which I feel is a great deal. I mean, some people spend way more than that on coffee, or fast food in a week. So, to pay someone $20, to provide me with all the supplies I need, come get my dirty diapers and wash them, is a "no brainer".

On the way down to the lake, I didnt even think to pull over and change little Sugar Bears diaper. So, by the time we got there, she was soaked! I felt really bad, but I guess it wasnt bothering her, considering she wasn't fussy or acting uncomfortable. Learning experience. I can't let her go as long as I would normally in a disposable diaper.

Im just so happy to have those chemically filled diapers off her little bum. I read that most disposal diapers have dioxin in them, which is a known cancer causing agent.Along with many other harmful chemicals of which soak into the baby's skin. I dont want to expose her to harmful things which are completely preventable.

Disposable diapers are basically just more convenient. They can sit for alot longer since there are so many things added to soak up the urine, but then you have those little gel balls that get released if you let it get to full. I know that can't be good for her little butt.

Knowing that I am helping my baby and our planet, makes me feel good.

J-bird is on Spring Break this week, and since his Dad is in school, and has some testing going on this week, we are unable to go anywhere.

He decided late last night he wanted to attend this Theatre for the Imagination Camp that he has been to in the past.

It is taking place at a highschool right up the street from us, and so this morning, off we went!

He is not afraid to go to new places, and meet new people. I love that about him.

He will learn a play and we will go on Friday to watch him perform. It is not a real structured camp, but more for fun.

They play a lot of games, get to dress up, and just have fun!

I am currently looking for some yummy vegetarian recipes to cook.

Joe has not eaten meat ever since he watch the documentary Food Matters (which I highly recommend watching)!

J-bird and I have, but only organic chicken.

We have been making alot of smoothies, fresh vegetable juice with our juicer, salads, pasta, and even made a homemade vegetarian gluten-free pizza at the lake.

I think tonight I will make a creamy tomato soup and grilled vegetable sandwich on gluten free bread.

I have noticed I feel SO much better without gluten in my diet.

The gluten-free bread is not as good as the whole wheat I am used to, but it is pretty good when toasted or grilled.

Sometimes I have it toasted with peanut butter and banana slices. It is yummy!!

I have a friend who lives in Boulder, and is a great resource for me. She is my "go to" gal with questions regarding ANYTHING natural. She is awesome!! (Thanks Sallie)

So, if you have any good vegetarian dishes you would like to share, feel free!

And I will do the same.....

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

the start of something new

So, I have been doing some thinking, and after talking with the hubs tonight, we are going to make the switch to CLOTH DIAPERS!! 

Yayyy!! Better for the environment, softer on baby's bottom, and ummmm..not sure what other positives, although there probably are more. 

We both are clueless on this topic, but more than willing to learn. 

As Joe said, "just one more thing they didn't have back in the day". He always says that we as a society need to revert back to cave man days, when things were more natural. 

The diapers we use now, go into our diaper genie, and sit inside a plastic bag. Only to end up in a landfill, forever. 


I have been reading some different blogs and posts from women who use cloth diapers, and it seems very confusing.

All the different types, inserts, blah, blah, blah...

It probably seems a lot harder than it really is, once you get the hang of it. 

Im so excited, and any help/info/advice is greatly appreciated!! 

We did look into a cloth diapering service in our area, and they will come out and teach us everything, and will provide us with the materials needed. Not sure if this is necessary or not, but it seems totally worth it! 

knowledge is power

This afternoon, after J-bird got home from school, we decided to take a trip out to Uncle Casey's office.

Jalen bought a small vending machine on Ebay for $60. Casey said if he filled it with healthy stuff, then he could put it at his office. So, he filled it with almonds, peanuts, and trail-mix. We will see how it goes...

On my way home, I was thinking about how good I felt, being that I just got adjusted.

Uncle Casey is a Chiropractor.

It runs in the family. My Dad,  2 of my brothers, and one of my younger brother's is in school for it now. I also have 2 cousins who are in the same profession.

I am a firm believer in that Chiropractic is a great tool for health prevention.

They are also very valuable when a person is injured, sick, having headaches, and many other ailments.

It works! I've seen it happen so many times on so many people.

Today, I got adjusted, J-bird got adjusted and so did baby Hallie. We all have been getting regular adjustments since we were just babies.

J-bird has a sore ankle (we are unsure why), and has been limping around for 3 days. I was starting to get worried, but after having Casey adjust it  Jalen swears it is already better!

In my family, we try not to take any pharmaceutical meds, or even over the counter meds. We try all natural remedies first and foremost.

We hardly ever get sick, but if by chance we start to get a cold or the flu, we will go get adjusted and up our dose of Vitamin C and Vitamin D. It works everytime, and rarely ever turns into anything.

For sore throat, we will take a spoonful of honey, with some fresh squeezed lemon.

For ear aches, I use warm olive oil in the ear.

J-bird is 12 years old and has been on an antibiotic one time his whole life!

He has been prescribed antibiotics a couple of times when he was younger for what the Dr said was an "ear infection", but I never gave it to him, and instead used my all natural remedy of olive oil in the ear. It went away on its own each time.

I feel the over use of antibiotics is detrimental to a persons immune system. It kills all bacteria, good and bad, and the body then builds up a resistance to that antibiotic.

So, what you will see happen alot of times is, the infection will come back, the antibiotic dose will be increased, or a stronger one will be used. And it happens again, and again..

There are certain uses for antibiotics, but sometimes are way over prescribed.

Our healthcare system, should be called a sick care system. Thats what it does. Treats you when you are sick. They do not do alot of health promotion and prevention of disease.

After all, there is no money in it for them if we all stay healthy.

Too many people look to the Doctor as a God, who has all the answers. They do not.

Take your health into your own hands, do some research, and open your mind to the possibilities.

Knowledge is power.

Today I am thankful....

I love that I am fortunate enough to stay home with my baby.

I am right there for her to wake up to every time. She pops her head up, sees me, smiles, and rubs her face into the blanket. It is the sweetest thing ever.

Sometimes, Mommy and Daddy are both right there when she wakes up. It is a very relaxed, loving way for a baby to wake up.

I wish all Mom's had the chance to stay home, and even more, be right there when their baby wakes up.

She is always happy and never ever wakes up sad or crying. It is very calm and peaceful.

I think this is huge in her development, and teaches her she can trust us. She is not scared, or wondering "where is everybody"..because we are right there!

A hand full of times, we have had the monitor hooked up, and she will make a little squack to let us know she is awake, but I would say 95% of the time, Im right there.

How is this possible, you ask?...Well, because I make it that way..As soon as she falls asleep for a nap, if I know there are things I need to get done, I go at it right away.

I may go take a shower, unload the dishwasher, put in a load of laundry, and pick up the house. I try and stay close by, just incase she does wake up unexpectedly.

Then, when Im done, I usually sit in the rocking chair, as I am right now, and I get on the computer, plan dinner, pump my boobies, or whatever comes to mind.  Sometimes I will bring clean clothes up and sit in the rocker to fold.

I know how good I have it, and I know how good she has it. I realize not all Mom's have it like I do, and I am very grateful for what I have.

I thank God everyday for the life he has given me.

It wasnt always this easy. I had to work really hard when my first born son was a baby, and then as he grew, I worked hard going to nursing school as to provide him with a better life.

I used to pray for the life I am now living, and I truely believe I manifested it all.

It is not perfect, by any means. I still have my good days, and bad days. Just like everyone.

There are days when Sugar Bear is fussy, won't nap, Im irritable, and the house is a mess.

There are days when my hubby and I are not on the same page, and all I want to do is scream at him.

There are also those days, where I feel like a bad Mom and wife, like Im not good enough, and like the world is a bad place.

Today is not one of those days...Today I feel very blessed, and today I am thankful...

PS...Hallie just woke up, popped her head up, saw me, smiled, rolled over on her back, and started clapping:)
What a cutie pie she is!!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

doing what feels right

I believe that to be the best parent I can be to both my kids, I simply do what feels right.

I follow my heart and my gut.

I do not let other opinions, or other ways of parenting dictate the way I parent.

I am earth friendly and health conscious. When making a decision, I always take into consideration my family.

I am not this way because of any reason,  other than it feels natural.

When my 11 year old son was born, I was not near as knowledgeable on a lot of subjects as I am now.

Looking back, I feel I still parented with my instincts.

I was 21 years old at the time, and single..Young yes, but ready to be a Mom. Something I had always wanted to be every since I was a little girl.

My Mom was a very good role model. She loved and parented just the way I wanted to. She had all 5 of her kids at home, unassisted, and my Dad delivered us all.

We were told how much we were loved, and it showed.

The seed had been planted, and I didn't even know it.

When it came time for me to deliver my first born son, I had no idea what I was doing.

I had not watched any birthing videos or talked to any of my friends about their experiences (that I can remember).

My parents were not the happiest about my pregnancy at the time, so I didn't ask alot of questions of them.

I had no plans on breast feeding, or not breast feeding.

My labor and delivery all went well, considering the circumstances.

Hospital birth, epidural, and a healthy baby boy!!

When my beautiful son was born, I immediately felt the need to hold him.

I didn't want the nurses to take him from me right away, as they usually do. My instinct told me to hold him, and try to nurse him.

No one had told me the benefits of breast feeding, I just knew in my heart it was the natural, right thing to do.

So, for the first year of his life, I breast fed him.

I remember friends of mine asking when he was only 5 months old, "when are you going to stop doing that"? My answer was "I don't know, but its working out so well, I'm not going to stop anytime soon"..

It was free, and very convenient.

Looking back, I'm glad I stuck with what I felt was right.

After the birth of my son, I remember making subtle changes in my life.

I stopped drinking pop (actually during pregnancy), and started wearing my seat belt.

I did not want to leave him with anyone else, so I went out and got a job at a gym daycare, where I could take him with me.

I found myself eating healthier, and working out. I was no longer interested in "hanging out" with the same crowd.

Again, these were not things I sat around and thought about, they just kind of happened. I was doing what I thought was best for my little boy. He was the light of my life, and gave me a totally different perspective on what was important.

He made me care more about myself, others around me,  and the world.

With my second child, little Sugar Bear, I feel I am even more of an "instinctual mama".

After trying to conceive for 2 years, my husband and I felt that adoption was what we were meant to do.. (see entry titled "Our adoption story")

As soon as we got on the adoption list, I started thinking about trying to breast feed our baby.

I went to a local LLL breast feeding group meeting, and met lots of like minded women there. I then went to my OB and got on the proper medication to induce lactation. (see blog entry titled "Adoptive breast feeding)

After not hearing anything for a few months from the adoption agency, I felt this tug in my soul, to change our profile from gender specific (wanting a girl only), to non-gender specific.

Just 4 months into our wait, we got the call that we had been selected by a birth mom in New York. They told us she was pregnant with a little boy.

We were over the moon with excitement that we would soon be parents again!

We went out and bought a few boy baby items, and prepared for our trip to NYC.

When the baby was born, to every one's surprise, it was a GIRL!!

Thank God I followed my gut feeling, changing our profile to non-gender specific, or we would not have the baby we do now, considering they thought she was a boy..

Her birth mother breast fed her for 3 days, and then as soon as she became ours, I took over.

She knew exactly what to do, and it felt so normal and natural.

I knew in the back of my mind that there were people in my life who wouldn't agree, or who might think it is weird to breast feed my adopted baby, but all that mattered was,  I knew it is the best thing for her.

Both for the nutrition and the bond.

She is now 7 months old, and has never had a drop of formula.

Unfortunately, after about 2 1/2 months of the breast and bottle, she took to the bottle and wouldn't nurse off me anymore.

I now pump twice a day and get around 6-8 oz each time, and she is also supplemented with donor breast milk, which our freezer is full of.

Milk sharing is another thing some people have no knowledge of, so of course they are going to judge. (see entry titled "Milk Sharing")

I don't care. I know in my heart I am doing what is best for my baby.

She is so happy and healthy, has never been sick and never spits up.

She doesn't have tummy aches either.

We believe this is attributed to my husband and I's belief, that breast milk is the very best thing for her.

Most people in our society, and most Dr's recommend vaccinations.

We do not vaccinate.

We feel in our heart and gut, that we should not put that crap in our child's body. Not to mention we have done tons of research, which only confirms our intuition.

It doesn't matter if the Dr says so, our family says so, or anyone for that matter.

We are not going to do it, because we don't feel it is the right thing to do.

Our kids are told "I love you"  numerous times a day, as it is our belief that you cannot tell them enough. They will never have a doubt in their minds that they are loved, and have 2 people who will always support them in any dream they may have.

We also feel strongly about little Sugar Bear sleeping with us. She feels safer, we feel its safer, and she sleeps better.

We are there for her as soon as she awakes, and we would never leave her to cry. Ever. Not even for 5 minutes.

Don't get me wrong, there are times she is inconsolable, and I might lay her down, and pat her back while she cries, but I will never leave her side.

It just doesn't seem right to leave a little baby to "cry it out", or fall asleep all alone.

I mean, a baby spends 9+ months inside the mother's body, and as soon as it comes out, we are supposed to put her in a crib, by herself, to sleep? That just doesn't seem natural.

Babies want to feel loved and secure at all times. That is next to Mommy and Daddy.

No matter how many people tell us its wrong to co-sleep, or that she needs to learn to self soothe, we will not change how we do it.

My gut instincts and my heart tell me I'm doing all the right things, and I will continue to honor those feelings.

Being a parent is the most important task in the world. It can be very challenging at times, and there is not one "right" answer.

To me, one of the most important things is to follow my heart. Do what I feel is best. Do what feels right.

I will not listen to the opinions of society, I will only listen to my inner voice and the voice of my husband.

That's what being an "INSTINCTUAL PARENT" means.....

I wish more parent's would follow their own gut feeling when raising their kiddos. I truely believe that the world would be a better place.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The big 1~2

Wow, I cant believe that in 2 days my first born baby boy is going to be 12!!!

We are planning a small family party at our house where we will serve cake, ice cream, and open presents.

I am so beyond proud of the little man he has become.

He is caring, compassionate, sensitive, fun, talkative, personable, very smart, and the best big brother Hallie could ever ask for!!

He likes to play the guitar, do magic tricks, and play on his iphone alot (prob too much)!!

He gets all A's and B's in school.

He plays basketball and goes to Tae Kwon Do.

His last basketball game was last Friday. They lost, as they usually do, poor kiddos. But he played really hard, and was excited that his Aunt Rachel and cousins, Finley and Scarlet came to see him play.

They were running a little late, and he kept turning to me in the stands, and mouthing, "is Rachel coming"?

His team got the Sportsmanship Award, which he says is only because they lost every game, which may have some truth to it, but the coach told us that all coaches vote on the team who has the most sportsman like kids, coach, and parents.

So, really its an overall award, that some teams shouldn't even be eligible for considering how their coach and parents act throughout the game.

Its so annoying when you get those parents who are YELLING at their child, play by play, what to do next.

I mean, come on, let the kids play the game. Let them make their own mistakes, and let the darn coach do his job!

I will never be that parent and neither will my husband. We choose not to embarrass our kids.

Anyway, Im just so proud of him for getting out there, and trying his best. He has really improved over the years.

He is a good rebounder, since he is so much taller than some of the other kids. He takes shots, but has yet to make one. I just wish for once, he would sink one. I think it would make him feel so good. But its not a big deal if he doesnt.

He is so good at so many other things, that we dont really care if he makes them. We just want him to have fun, and learn the fundamentals of basketball. Which he does both.

Joe is going out today to get him some new workout gear, as he expressed today that he wants to start working out.

He also wants to start taking his vitamins again.

I can already see that the seed has been planted in him.

We model good health, and taking care of ones body, and he is picking up on it. Im so pleased.

He never ever asks to go to CrapDonalds, Toxic Bell, or any of those other fast food chains. He knows how bad it is for him, and Im so happy he is learning all this early on.

Hopefully it will save him from being sick, or worse, getting diseases.

Parents are a childs best model. If you, the parent, are eating fast food, and feeding it to your child, they will think that is normal, and ok.

When in reality, you are doing harm to them in more ways than one!!

I feel someday he will appreciate what we have modeled and taught him.

I know I appreciate my parents for doing the same thing for me!!

Happy 12th Birthday Jbird!!!

We love you SO much, and your Dad and I will always be here for you and we will always support any dreams you may have in life!!