Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The big 1~2

Wow, I cant believe that in 2 days my first born baby boy is going to be 12!!!

We are planning a small family party at our house where we will serve cake, ice cream, and open presents.

I am so beyond proud of the little man he has become.

He is caring, compassionate, sensitive, fun, talkative, personable, very smart, and the best big brother Hallie could ever ask for!!

He likes to play the guitar, do magic tricks, and play on his iphone alot (prob too much)!!

He gets all A's and B's in school.

He plays basketball and goes to Tae Kwon Do.

His last basketball game was last Friday. They lost, as they usually do, poor kiddos. But he played really hard, and was excited that his Aunt Rachel and cousins, Finley and Scarlet came to see him play.

They were running a little late, and he kept turning to me in the stands, and mouthing, "is Rachel coming"?

His team got the Sportsmanship Award, which he says is only because they lost every game, which may have some truth to it, but the coach told us that all coaches vote on the team who has the most sportsman like kids, coach, and parents.

So, really its an overall award, that some teams shouldn't even be eligible for considering how their coach and parents act throughout the game.

Its so annoying when you get those parents who are YELLING at their child, play by play, what to do next.

I mean, come on, let the kids play the game. Let them make their own mistakes, and let the darn coach do his job!

I will never be that parent and neither will my husband. We choose not to embarrass our kids.

Anyway, Im just so proud of him for getting out there, and trying his best. He has really improved over the years.

He is a good rebounder, since he is so much taller than some of the other kids. He takes shots, but has yet to make one. I just wish for once, he would sink one. I think it would make him feel so good. But its not a big deal if he doesnt.

He is so good at so many other things, that we dont really care if he makes them. We just want him to have fun, and learn the fundamentals of basketball. Which he does both.

Joe is going out today to get him some new workout gear, as he expressed today that he wants to start working out.

He also wants to start taking his vitamins again.

I can already see that the seed has been planted in him.

We model good health, and taking care of ones body, and he is picking up on it. Im so pleased.

He never ever asks to go to CrapDonalds, Toxic Bell, or any of those other fast food chains. He knows how bad it is for him, and Im so happy he is learning all this early on.

Hopefully it will save him from being sick, or worse, getting diseases.

Parents are a childs best model. If you, the parent, are eating fast food, and feeding it to your child, they will think that is normal, and ok.

When in reality, you are doing harm to them in more ways than one!!

I feel someday he will appreciate what we have modeled and taught him.

I know I appreciate my parents for doing the same thing for me!!

Happy 12th Birthday Jbird!!!

We love you SO much, and your Dad and I will always be here for you and we will always support any dreams you may have in life!!

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