Monday, March 14, 2011

lake, diapering, camp, and that order

Just got back from a wonderful weekend at the lake! The weather was so beautiful on Saturday, got a little colder on Sunday, and today...its snowing!! Ughhh...getting so ready for the warm weather!

The kids had a good time. Jalen got to ride his 4 wheeler around, and Hallie just got to hang around, and be a baby:)

We stayed at my husband's parents house on Friday, and then went to my brother and sister-in-law's on Saturday. It was a great time!

Finley, my 2 year old niece, absolutely LOVES "cousin Jalen". She follows him around and says, "I love you Jalen". And when she get in trouble at home, she cries from time out, "I want my cousin Jalen"!! He is so good with all the little girl cousins. Im so proud of him.

Hallie is still going strong in cloth diapers. We are learning what we like, and what works best for us.

Right now we are using pre-folds with a cover, and I bought a few "all in ones" to try out.

We are using a diaper service for a little while, until we get the hang of it. It is only $20/week, which I feel is a great deal. I mean, some people spend way more than that on coffee, or fast food in a week. So, to pay someone $20, to provide me with all the supplies I need, come get my dirty diapers and wash them, is a "no brainer".

On the way down to the lake, I didnt even think to pull over and change little Sugar Bears diaper. So, by the time we got there, she was soaked! I felt really bad, but I guess it wasnt bothering her, considering she wasn't fussy or acting uncomfortable. Learning experience. I can't let her go as long as I would normally in a disposable diaper.

Im just so happy to have those chemically filled diapers off her little bum. I read that most disposal diapers have dioxin in them, which is a known cancer causing agent.Along with many other harmful chemicals of which soak into the baby's skin. I dont want to expose her to harmful things which are completely preventable.

Disposable diapers are basically just more convenient. They can sit for alot longer since there are so many things added to soak up the urine, but then you have those little gel balls that get released if you let it get to full. I know that can't be good for her little butt.

Knowing that I am helping my baby and our planet, makes me feel good.

J-bird is on Spring Break this week, and since his Dad is in school, and has some testing going on this week, we are unable to go anywhere.

He decided late last night he wanted to attend this Theatre for the Imagination Camp that he has been to in the past.

It is taking place at a highschool right up the street from us, and so this morning, off we went!

He is not afraid to go to new places, and meet new people. I love that about him.

He will learn a play and we will go on Friday to watch him perform. It is not a real structured camp, but more for fun.

They play a lot of games, get to dress up, and just have fun!

I am currently looking for some yummy vegetarian recipes to cook.

Joe has not eaten meat ever since he watch the documentary Food Matters (which I highly recommend watching)!

J-bird and I have, but only organic chicken.

We have been making alot of smoothies, fresh vegetable juice with our juicer, salads, pasta, and even made a homemade vegetarian gluten-free pizza at the lake.

I think tonight I will make a creamy tomato soup and grilled vegetable sandwich on gluten free bread.

I have noticed I feel SO much better without gluten in my diet.

The gluten-free bread is not as good as the whole wheat I am used to, but it is pretty good when toasted or grilled.

Sometimes I have it toasted with peanut butter and banana slices. It is yummy!!

I have a friend who lives in Boulder, and is a great resource for me. She is my "go to" gal with questions regarding ANYTHING natural. She is awesome!! (Thanks Sallie)

So, if you have any good vegetarian dishes you would like to share, feel free!

And I will do the same.....


  1. Glad you had a good weekend! On your diapering... ;) Prefolds and covers may not be as absorbant as disposables, but pockets and AIOs can be. It really mainly depends on what kind of inserts you use. Hemp inserts hold about 10x the amount that cotton does. I mainly use them for nightime, and I just double or triple up my inserts. Good luck, so glad to see someone else in cloth!

  2. To go with the cloth nappy thing - I use prefolds and a wool cover - the wool is brilliant at keeping them warn even when the nappy is soaked. If I want to have them last longer I add a hemp booster in under the snappi. So simple and good ;-)

  3. Thanks for the helpful info! I am starting to get the hang of it, and I have learned that I like the AIO's the best. Especially at night time. I have a couple hemp inserts that I like a lot, and I have not got a wool cover yet, but i am going to..she got a small siaper rash and I was concerned, but it is going away. I have been using coconut oil on it, and its almost gone:))

  4. Good for you for cloth diapering! We're new to it too and also getting used to it, but I've been so happy with our experience so far. We're using Bumgenius 3.0 AIO's. Not a single leak yet!

    Also, I'm a vegetarian. Here's a recipe that I have up on my blog, in case you are interested:

    Thanks for visiting my blog today!