Friday, March 18, 2011

good luck Joe!

Today, the hubby took his state boards to become a licensed EMT. Tommorrow he has to get up at 5:00am, drive 2 hours, and take his practical exam. I know he will do awesome!

He is all finished with his class, and ended up with a big ol' A!!! He is such a smart guy:))

I am so proud of him, and cant wait till he becomes a firefighter!! He is going to be a huge asset to whatever dept he gets on with.

He is so fast, efficient, responsible, dependable, etc, etc...when he puts his mind to something, he wants to be the best!

He is 34 years old, and finally doing what he has wanted to do since he was a little boy.

I always say "its never to late to do what you love"..He is such a good role model for Jalen, our 12 year old.

I will be thinking about him tomorrow and hoping he does well. Good night ya'll!!

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