Thursday, May 26, 2011


So, tonight I got a phone call from a good friend of mine.

She was laughing as she told me that at HER family Easter dinner, the subject of MY parenting came up.

She was sitting next to one of her family members who is friends with one of our family members.

The person started saying that she heard about "how we are" with our baby...that we hold her all the time, and wont put her down (not true).

It made me mad.

It just really disappoints me that people feel the need to gossip about our parenting.

I mean, we are doing a damn good job.

How about talking about that?!

How about telling your friends that we are great parents, and that we love our baby so much, that we hold her alot, because thats where she is comfortable?

Ok, end of rant.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Happy 10 months!!!

Just wanted to give a big shout out to my little Sugar Bear, who is 10 months old today!!

Hallie, you are the light of our life, along with your big bro, of course.

You bring a smile to so many people's face everyday!

Whenever we go out in public, you smile and wave to all the strangers. You are a very social girl. As long as they dont try and pick you up:)

You will smile, wave, and when you get a response, you lean into Mom, as if your being shy. It is the cutest thing ever!

Welp, you just popped your little head up from your nap, so I gotta go!

I love you my sweet little Sugar Bear, Munchkin butt!! <3 <3


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Trip to Coronado!!

So, we just got back a few days ago from a wonderful, much needed family vacation!

We went to Coronado Island, right off of San Diego in California.

Joe's family has a kick butt 15th floor apartment right on the beach which we stayed at. His Grandpa bought the place back in the 70's, and his aunt now owns it.

It is ocean view, and just beautiful!

We were busy pretty much every day doing something fun!

We took the ferry from Coronado to SD. Shopped around the Gas Lamp District. Shopped some more at Horton Plaza. Ate good food, and enjoyed ourselves.

We also hit up the Sad Diego zoo. I didn't think Hallie would notice the animals very much, but boy was I wrong!

She got SO excited to see the giraffes, and flamingos. We took her around in the backpack, which she loves because she is close to us, and can see everything we can see very well.

When we went past the giraffes, she was flapping her arms up and down and squealing. She is definitely an animal lover:) <3

Throughout the trip, every time we would see a person walking a dog, which happened alot, she would make the cutest little sound. As if to call the doggie over to her. Then if by chance we got to stop and pet one, she would smile so big, and try to get as close as possible to it.

We have officially decided we are having a doggy themed 1st birthday party for her. Joe even mentioned calling around and seeing if we can get a pet store, or a breeder to bring some puppies to our house for an hour for all the kids to see and pet.

Anyway, Jalen had a great time in Cali also! He rode around on his long board, got a new pair of cool shoes, begged and begged for white Oakley sunglasses (which he didnt get because they are too expensive, but got a cool cheaper white pair),  went on a Segway tour with his Dad, and even got to boogie board in the ocean and swim in the pool.

We all got along really well, and were not ready to come home. Even after 10 days!

Overall, it was a very successful family vacation.

Oh my. I almost forgot to tell you..Hallie Rose took her first steps while we were on vacation! She took about 5-6 twice in one night. She has done it a couple times since then, but prefers to crawl. The exacr date was May 11th!! Yayyy Hallie!