Saturday, February 26, 2011

She is mobile!!

Hallie started crawling yesterday!

Big bro, Jbird had taken her in the living room on her play mat, while I was in the kitchen (just feet away)..He said, "Mom, Hallie just crawled"!!

I told him to get it on video. (will post soon)

She has been able to move about for a few weeks now, and has been rocking on her hands and knees for a few weeks also.

Yesterday she figured out how to actually pick up her hands, in coordination with her legs..she was so proud! She smiled as we cheered her on!!

Daddy came in shortly after, and she showed him what she could do. We were all very impressed.

She still isn't very fast at all, but thats to be expected.

Right now, she is downstairs with Daddy making Jbird a grilled cheese.

She loves her walker on the kitchen hard woods, and can go really fast!

When she hears us say "Oki, wanna go potty"?, she rushes as fast as she can over to the back door. Its the funniest thing.

Her arms are thrown up in the air, and her feet are moving as fast as possible.

Its amazing how fast she is growing up! Kind of makes me sad, but I know its inevitable, but reminds me of the time that has past.

Jbird went with his Dad to the old house (our other home) and rode his 4 wheeler today.

He got all dressed in his warmest winter gear, and was ready to go ride. They both said it was alot of fun.

Well, time for me to go take a shower for the day..Im leaving the kids with Dad tonight for a few hours.

I now he will do fine, but Im a little concerned about Sugar Bear. She loves her Mama, and always wants me to fall asleep.

Im going to put her down for a nap around 4:00 and hope that she sleeps for a good 2 hours.

Then, she will play with Daddy and big bro for a couple hours, until I get home.

Im not planning on being gone long, but Im excited to get out for my good friend, Lauren's,  bachelorette party...

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