Friday, February 4, 2011

My baby~ isn't a baby anymore:(

I just cant believe Jalen, my first born, is turning 12 in a month!!! Wow. I remember the day he was born like it was yesterday. 

I woke up that morning with some cramping, but nothing too intense. I went over to my friend, Mandi's,  house for the day and we hung out with some friends. We ate party pizza, and chatted,  all while every 10-15 minutes I would have a contraction. They weren't very painful, so I was able to go about my day pretty normal. 

That evening, I went home to my parents house, and took a bath. I then tried to fall asleep for a few. When I woke up, the contractions were coming about every 5 minutes. It was time to go to the hospital. I called my friends, Molly and Melissa to come pick me up. 

I got to the hospital around 9pm, and was dilated to a 3. They hooked me up to a bunch of "stuff", and encouraged me to walk the halls. I was in labor all night. I had a room full of friends, and my Aunt Lee there for support. My Mom, unfortunately, could not be there due to illness. 

My baby boy was born at 5:44am March 3, 1999. I named him Jalen Aubrey. He was so cute. His hair had natural highlights, and all the nurses kept telling me "he needs to be in a magazine"! I was on cloud 9, for atleast the next couple of years. Really. I was the happiest I had ever been. 

I loved being a mom, and Jalen was just such an awesome kid!! He was )and still is) so smart and friendly, and adorable. I cant believe he is now in middle school, has his own cell phone, thinks he's all cool:), (jk jalen) He has turned out (so far) to be such a great kid, and Im so excited to see what he does in the future. 

Im a little nervous for the "teenage years", but I think overall, he will be fine, and we will be fine. He has a good heart, and has been taught good morals and values. 

I miss the little boy who used to say his R's wrong, and talked loud, and would tell me the most imaginative stories ever! 

I miss his little body wanting to lay on mine. I miss him saying " I love you" to me 20 times a day...but I know its a part of life. Kids growing up. Hes in a new phase. 

He is still very loving and caring towards his Dad, sister, and me! He comes in every single morning before school when Hallie and I are still in bed, and gives us both a kiss good-bye. 

He tells me he loves me often. 

He calls his Grandma on the phone to tell her everything! Even if he is with a group of kids his age. He doesnt care what they think..he loves his family and is not afraid to show it<< haha!,

Here are some pics of him when he was little..I love you J-bird...  you will always be my special 1st born.  <3 <3 <3 <3

                                                 First day of Kindergarten, "cool dude"

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