Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Christmas trip to Colorado

                 We recently just got back from a Christmas trip to Colorado. We love it out there. Joe's parents are selling the house, so it was "our last hoorah"! My brother Casey, his wife Rachel, and their 2 daughters Finley and Scarlet came with. We had a great time together as a family. Finley wanted to ice skate so we made sure to do that. They boys (Casey, Joe and J-bird) wanted to rent snowmobiles, so they did so. And us girls wanted a lunch with no kids!! So Sallie, Rachel and I went into Frisco and had lunch accompanied by a couple mimosas:)

               On our way back to KC, we had just got dropped off at the Southwest Baggage doors, when Rachel noticed a man had fallen. She told Casey and he rushed over to the man. I handed Hallie to Jalen (thank God he is so good with holding her) and ran over to help. My adreneline was pumping. The man was slurring his speech and the fell to the ground. Luckily Casey and I were ready for his fall and helped him to the ground. I rolled him over, felt for a pulse, and told Casey we needed to start CPR. I started chest compressions and we traded off for the next 10-15 min before help arrived. In the mean time, this man was dying right in front of our very eyes. We felt helpless. There were people standing around watching in awe. After help arrived, we were in shock of what had just happened to us. A man came up to me, shook my hand, and yelled to everyone around " this girl did everything. She is awesome"!! It was pretty neat to see peoples reaction to what was completely natural for my brother and I. Jalen was pretty shook up seeing some man possibly die right in front of him, and then see his Mom and uncle try to save him. He was crying and we hugged when it was all over:(..........................Casey got a call today from the man's sister, He did not survive, but she was thankful for what we had done and crazy enough, she has my cell phone. It must have dropped out at the scene and got sent with his stuff to the hospital. If it wasnt for my phone, she would have not ever known who we were and we would have never found out if he made it or not. Yet another example of  how things are "meant to be". Im sad he didnt make it, but happy he got to see his Dad one last time. (thats why he was in Colorado) Joe was suprised to hear that while he was driving home to KS, we were trying to save lives at the Denver International Airport:)
Jalen and Hallie are both great travelers and great kids!!! I heart them<<<<

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