Thursday, February 24, 2011

TV, Food, and Video games..but not in that order

Tonight, is a special night..We are all sleeping in the same room!

Jalen (our 11 year old) asks randomly if he can sleep on our couch, and tonight was one of those nights. I love that he wants to be close to us.

Sometimes I feel bad because Dad, baby and I are all in the same bed, and J-bird is off in his room all alone. Although he does have Oki, the family doggie in there with him..

He likes his room (its pretty cool), but sometimes it nice to all sleep together. It makes us feel close.

So, as my family all lay asleep, I am deciding to write. I haven't in a while, and there are so many things I constantly think of that I want to tell about.

We recently watched a documentary called Food Matters. It was very informative and eye-opening. If you haven't seen it, I would recommend watching it.

With that being said, we have really changed our food habits around here.

Joe, in the past, used to drink lots of soda pop, energy drinks, candy, etc, ...I was pretty bad too.

I mean, we both are aware of what is healthy and not healthy, but its just really hard to make those lifestyle changes and stick to it.

I go through spurts where I workout, and watch what I eat. Then I get off track and go wild on the food rollercoaster. I feel SO much better when I am eating healthy, and Im happy to say that we have been doing just that!

We believe that a plant based diet is the way to go. So, we went out and bought a juicer, and we have stopped eating anything with preservatives. We both feel really good.

He is kind of an extremist, meaning he takes things to the extreme when he set his mind to something. Well, he is really taking this bull by the horns.

I am so proud of him for trying to change his eating, because in turn it helps me make better food choices, and we are modeling good food choices for our kids.

We have never been the kind of family who eats fast food very much at all. And I can honestly say, I cant remember the last time I ate it. Its disgusting!!!!! The mechanically separated meat is just horrifying!!! Google it if you dont know what it is.

And we are definitely buying all organic. Yes, it is more expensive, but in our eyes, totally worth it!

We believe the pesticides that are sprayed on conventional food is causing lots of disease and cancer, and we want to try and prevent that from happening to us and our children.

Over the past year, we have slowly made that transition. It taste so much better, and knowing Im not eating chemicals with my apple, feels really good.

We will see how it goes with the new raw/vegan diet. Joe is being really strict about it, where as I am still eating meats, but I make sure its "good" meat. Only organic, clean meats.

We are informing J-bird of these healthier habits, but we are not forcing anything on him.

Here is a picture of Joe's first batch of vegetable juice. It tasted yummy!! No, really, it did:)

Another thing I want to talk about is TV..

We used to watch alot of it.

I like the stupid reality tv shows, and entertainment news. Totally mindless stuff.

Since little Hallie Rose has come along, we have found that our tv hardly ever gets turned on.

We dont want her being exposed to all the stimulation that it provides, and we feel it is in her best interest not to watch it.

Not cartoons, nor the news, not even educational cartoons. We feel she is way to young and her brain is not developed enough to handle all the lights and movements.

She is a sponge and is absorbing everything she sees and hears.

If and when the tv is on, and she is around, she cannot take her eyes off of it. So, we turn it off.

We do however like the toddler music channel, and she loves it!

Im not saying she will never watch cartoons, because I assume she will, but for now, its off.

We monitor what Jalen watches also. I learned early on, that his behavior is tremendously effected by what he watched on tv.

We only allow him to watch certain channels, such as Discovery, History, Animal Planet, and sometimes Disney.

He is not allowed to play violent video games either. (gasp, oh my!)

With the world we live in today, do our children really need anything extra~ like a shooting/killing game to help them harbor anger or twist their minds? Ummm.. I think not!!

He is very respectful of our wishes, and always asks before watching tv.

Thats not to say he has never played a violent video game, or watched ALOT of tv, he used to in the past.

We occasionally let him watch something he's not supposed to, and he is a huge movie buff, so we take him to the movies alot.

It seems like kids these days don't want to get out and be active like they used to.

We encourage him to go skateboard, ride his bike, or do other things.

It may sound as if we are really strict, but in reality we are not...atleast I dont think we are:)

On another note...Tomorrow Im going to a Mommy/baby yoga class..Im excited!!

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