Wednesday, February 2, 2011

proud mommy and wife


               Im such a proud mommy and wife!! I feel so blessed to have the life I have, and sometimes I wonder what I did to deserve it?! Joe is such a good husband. He helps out around the house alot, he will cook or clean anything I ask of him, and he is very involved in our kids lives. He makes it a point to tell Jalen he loves him every night when putting him to bed, and tells Hallie he loves her very often.  I couldnt ask for a better man to be the father of my children.

             Jalen, he is the most amazing 11 year old I know!! Anyone who know him, knows he is smart, witty, funny, handsome, caring, and just a really "cool" kid. He gets along with just about anyone and wants to be friends with everyone. He has always been like that. When he was a little boy, we would go to the park, and he would run right up to the other kids there and say "hi, Im Jalen, wanna play"? Sometimes the other kid would want to play, and sometimes they seemed intimidated and ran the other way:) Its still like that to this day. He is a very resilient and sensitive child. I love that about him. I feel so lucky to be his mom and Im really excited to see what he becomes. I once had a lady in the hospital elevator ask me what my baby's name was. I told her "Jalen Aubrey". She said "oh honey, he's gonna be something someday with a name like that"!..Ill always remember that and I agree 100% with her. I know he is going to "be somebody someday", somebody very special.

           And then we have our little precious angel baby. Hallie Rose, a.k.a. Sugar Bear.  I could go on and on about how perfect she is, but I will try to keep it short. Joe and I were trying for years to add to our family, only to be disappointed time after time. We finally decided adoption was an option for us, and looking back, thank God we did!! Only 4 months after going active on the waiting list, we got the call that there was a match with a birthmom in NYC! We were told that she was having a little boy, so we prepared for a little boy's arrival. Well, the sonogram was wrong, and when the baby was born, to our suprise, it was a little girl! Just what we had wanted and dreamed of all along. Our blue eyed Hallie Rose. She is now 5 months old, and is the light of our life! We still look at her daily and admire how awesome she is. She fits in perfectly with our family, and as I told Joe a few days after we got her, "I dont think we could have made a more prefect baby". We were meant to be her parents and she is meant to be our little girl.

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