Thursday, February 3, 2011

6 months already!?

Wow! I cannot believe its been 6 months since little Hallie Rose entered this crazy world!! I remember it like it was yesterday...the phone call that changed our life forever!

 I was on edge all night wondering when the phone would ring, telling us when our baby BOY was born.

 Finally, at 5:30 am, the phone rang and the social worker said, "well, the baby was born. And its a GIRL"!!!!!!!!!! I couldnt believe my ears! Was she really telling me this? I started crying and saying "oh my Gosh, its a girl, its a girl.."

Coming from a family of 4 brothers and myself, I always wanted a little girl. I couldnt believe God was blessing me with one. I had convinced myself that I was "meant to have boys"..I was wrong.

 Im so thankful that my prayers were finally answered, and a baby girl, who we named Hallie Rose, was brought into my life. She has brightened it up like the shining sun!  She has brought us closer as a family, and has influenced our belief's in attachment parenting. 

I waited a long time for my little princess, and now she is finally here. She could not be more perfect. She is happy, healthy, and just overall a wonderful addition to our family! We look forward to watching her grow, and experiencing life with her.

Im calling it now...she is either gonna be a ballerina or a gymnast.. she is VERY strong, long, and loves to be on her toes!! Her birthmom was taller than Joe and said that basketball runs in the family. So, we are thinking we might have a little athlete on our hands. Or not. Whatever she decides she wants to do~is exactly what she will do!!

We love you Sugar Bear!!!!!!!

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