Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sista, sista!!

 I just feel so blessed to have 2 girls in my life who I know I cant trust, and who I know have my back. Just like a sister, or best friend. 

I was pretty much raised around all boys. I had 4 brothers, and many male cousins around me as I grew up. I never thought about having a sister, I was just fine with my brothers. I did have a couple girl cousins who I was, and still am, very close to, Darcy and Lacey. For the most part, I was surrounded by boys though. 

My parents treated us all the same, and I think thats why I never had any "issues" with being the only girl. Im a firm believer in treating boys and girls the same. I mean, of course there are going to be things you do different with each, but as far as love goes, they all want and deserve the same thing.

 Jamie and Rachel are my sister-in-laws on my side of the family. My brothers could not have picked "cooler" chicks to marry.

 First off, the 2 of them have been best friends since middle school. How cool is that? Best friends who marry brothers? Jamie is married to Kelly, and they have 2 little girls, Kayla and Arlie. Rachel is married to Casey, and they have 2 little girls, Finley and Scarlet. Both Jamie and Rachel are very easy going, and fit right in with my family. They are both great mothers who love kids, and love family.

 I have always been very accepting of them, as well as they have of me. Over the years, we have grown closer, and I would now say that they are 2 of my best girlfriends. 

We make it a point to have a "girls night" every few weeks, sometimes with kids, but most of the time without. We chat, gossip, and vent! Its so much fun! Sometimes we meet a a restaurant for apps, and other times we meet at someone's house and will do a craft such as painting. 

One time Jamie brought wine glasses, and we painted them with the saying, "mommy's sippy cup". 

Another time we painted on canvas. 

I made a picture for little Hallie Rose, before I ever even knew who she was, or that she would be my little girl.. 

We try and do things we dont normally make time to do. Its just really fun, and a good way to relax and reconnect.

          The other night we met at a restaurant for apps and some wine. It was my first time leaving Hallie with Joe for more than just an hour or so. I was gone from 6:30-10pm, and she did great! 

The next morning, we met at a coffee shop/playplace. All the girls wore their V-day outfits that Aunt Jamie picked up on the sale rack. They looked adorable.

 After that, we went to Rachel's house and had lunch. I went and picked up a Pizza Shoppe pizza, and Rach came up with some other sides for the kids. We talked, ate, and the kids played. Finely, Arlie, and Kayla were making me and Hallie food in the play kitchen. Finley at one point told me, "Aunt Carlie, I like playing with you", and "I like my cousins"!

 They are so young, but love playing together already and will be lifelong bestfriends. I feel very lucky to have Jamie, Rachel and their kids in my life!!


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  1. I love this post---I always wished you had a sister and now it is like you have 2!!