Friday, February 25, 2011

Mommy and me yoga class

I just got back from a wonderful afternoon spent with my baby.

We got up this morning, and off we went to our very first Mommy and baby Yoga class.

I didnt really know what to expect, considering I've never been before, and only taken yoga a few times. It was a great experience!

The instructor is a mother of 4 kids, and was very welcoming. I brought my own yoga mat, and she provided each of us mothers a nice folded blanket for baby.

Hallie was the oldest in the wait, I take that back, there was a 10 month old boy..There was a 3 week old, 6 week old, and a few 5-6 month old baby's.

We all went around and told our name, our baby's name, and a little about ourselves.  I told about how Hallie is adopted, and gave a brief recap of her adoption story. (see my blog entry titled "our adoption story")

The ladies were amazed and thought it was a really heart warming story. I also told them Im a big believer in breast feeding, and how I induced lactation. Again, amazed.

Hallie was all smiles the whole time:) She loved it!

The class was very unstructured, which made it fun and easy considering we had a baby in our arms the whole time.

I tell ya what, I hadn't worked out in a long time, and I was feelin' the burn!

Hallie just laughed and cooed at me and the other mom's. She was very interested in the other babies also.

After the class ended, some of the girls came up to Hallie and I and chatted.

One girl had her 6 month old, who Hallie was admiring the whole time. She kept trying to take the little girl's binky out of her mouth. (like she even knows what to do with one of those)

The mom, I cant remember her name, asked me what the benefits of breast feeding after 6 months were. She said her Dr had acted to her like there was really no benefit, and said it was really only important to do it for 6 months. (booooo..)

Since she was asking my opinion, I openly gave it to her.

I recommended she nurse for atleast 1 year, and explained why. She seemed happy to hear my thoughts, and said her gut tells her she should keep nursing.

If more Mommy's would go with their gut instincts, we all have one, I think things would be alot better.

Just because a Dr says one thing doesn't mean it's the best way for YOUR baby...listen to that inner voice, ladies!!

We will definitely go back to mommy and me yoga!!


  1. Good for you & Hallie! Sounds like fun! And I'm so happy to hear you spreading the "Benefits of Breastmilk" everywhere you go!
    (You should take a sharpie & write on Hallie's bottles "BREASTMILK" just so people out in public don't just assume its formulacrap.)

  2. Rachel, ur a genius!!!:)))))))
    Joe and I both feel this sorta of "uncomfortablness" in public, because we hate the notion or assumption that she is being fed formula. We dont want people thinking we feed her that!! I told Joe ur idea, and his eyes lit up:))
    GREAT IDEA. and we will be implementing!!!

  3. Yoga class can also be a time to bond activity with your kid. It’s good to hear that you didn’t hide the truth from Hallie! The younger, the better, and honesty is always the best policy! Anyway, I hope both of you will continue with your yoga classes and take time to bond with other mothers and kids.

    -Saundra Cortese