Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Monster cupcakes!

              Tonight we made use of my awesome new book I got for Christmas!! It's called "What's up Cupcake"?.. We are going to Uncle Bob's 70th birthday celebration at Kristins tomorrow night, so Joe suggested we make cupcakes! We looked through the book together, and decided on the monster cupcakes! I'm so glad he wants and likes to do those kind of things with me. Jalen, not so much.. He spent most of the time working on a catapult and saying "mom, dad watch this"..! He made, I think, 1 cupcake..which was an AWESOME cupcake I must add.  We had fun as a family and that's all that matters. I went to the store while Joe stayed home with the kids. When I got home, I put some pizza in the oven, and we started the cupcake process. It wasn't the easiest thing in the world to do with a 5 month old, but we did ok. She hung out in the walker most of the time until she got fussy and was ready for bed. Today we let Hallie Rose hold an apple (that I had bitten out of) for the first time. It definitely made her salivate and she didn't want to let go:) it was really cute. Didn't last to long though, and she was done with it. Finally took her up around 8 something and put her to bed. We usually rock her and  sing songs to help her fall asleep. She sleeps in our bed and we love it! We feel in our hearts we are doing the right thing by having her there with us. She loves it and so do we.
                   Anyway, I'm sitting in the kitchen, all alone. Everyone is either asleep, or headed that way. I'm going to hit the hay myself soon. Had a good night making cupcakes with my family. I love them:)

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