Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Great Wolf Lodge

We had a really great New Years Eve 2010!! New Years Eve is the day Joe and I met, 10 years, where does time go?! We always seem to forget that we met on that day. At a dinner party down on the Plaza with mutual friends.

 Anyway, this past New Years Eve was really special. We had it planned for a year in advance. We went to Great Wolf Lodge with Casey, Rachel and their kids. Kelly, Jamie and their kids, and then us!! We had 2 rooms, both pretty big, one with a bunk bed kid area that was themed. We ordered pizza, went swimming, ate ice cream, and just had a ton of fun! Everyone just kind of did their own thing and we all linked up at one time or another.

 They had a band playing and at one point KB and Finley were up on the stage dancing!...Kayla!!, my niece who is so shy at times, was up there groovin'! Hallie really liked the water. It was her first time in anything that big (pool), and she just kept hitting the water with both hands, splashing herself in the face. She couldnt figure out why she kept getting water in her face, so she just continued:) 

Jalen played with a boy around his age, and then did water slides with his Dad. We all had such a great time! The next morning, we tore up some Krispy Kreme donuts, and then lunch at the concession stand at the indoor water park. We were tired by the time we left, but had a wonderful time with the ones we love! The kids will hopefully always remember things like that. And us adults too!!

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