Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Jalen for Island School VP!

I am so proud of my 12 year old!

He is one of the neatest kids I have ever met.

He just started his new school 2 weeks ago, and is already running for student body VP.

To prepare, he had to write a speech (I helped him).

We told him he should memorize it, being that he has no problem reading something a few times, and knowing it by heart.

We thought that would make an impression on the kids and teachers listening.

He sat down and in about an hour or two, he had it down pat.

We practiced in our living room over and over.

At one point, we were all having a laughing fit, for no apparent reason.

It took about 10 times of trying to get it recorded, because one of us (Joe, Jalen or I) would laugh, which in turn would make him laugh and mess up:)

Hallie just sat there chugging her milky, and looking at us like we were crazy!

He finally did it without laughing.

<<insert video, freakin' blogger won't let me..grrr( I will try later )>>

Jalen did a great job on his speech at school , and got many compliments from teachers and students.

He felt it was going to be a close race, being that there was a 6th grader, 7th grader(Jalen), and an 8th grader.

He had lots of kids who came up to him and told him he did a good job and that they voted for him.

There was also those kids who said they were going to vote for Jade, the 8th grade girl running.

He said it was between him or Jade.

So, the results are in......

Unfortunately, he didn't win:(

Gosh darn it!

Joe and I were so pumped that he had the guts to try out for such a thing, and did SO good on his speech.

BUT, we also feel it is a great learning experience, and that someday, good things will come his way.

He has a knack for talking in front of people, and is very well spoken.


You get an A for effort:)

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