Friday, October 7, 2011

10 random facts about Hawaii

1. It rains, or at least sprinkles everyday, if not every other day.

2. There are no snakes on any of the Hawaiian islands.

3. There are little lizards all over, including in our house. Harmless though.

4. The locals have a lingo all their own, its called "pigeon".

5. Included in "pigeon", is the word "yeah" after every sentence..example: "Today was a good day at the beach, yeah". Or "I'm really craving tacos for dinner, yeah". lol

6. Bethany Hamilton, the girl who got her arm bit off by a shark and then became a professional surfer, is from the same town we live in. The beach where she got attacked is about 3 minutes from our house. And there is a new movie out about her story, called Soul Surfer. Go rent it!

7. Hawaii has very cool nights and mornings. We even use a down comforter at night.  It then warms up from around 11-5.

8. There are chickens and roosters all over the islands. There was a hurricane back in the 90's which washed out farms, and displaced the chickens and roosters. They are everywhere, and will definitely wake you up every morning at around 5 am, until you get used to them and can sleep through it.

9. The food here is very expensive! Especially on the North Shore. 1/2 gallon of coconut milk $7, box of organic cereal $6, block of organic cheese $7, dozen organic eggs $8, bag of organic tortilla chips $5..the list goes on and on..

10. Everyone here drives R~E~A~L~L~Y slow..if the speed limit signs states 25 mph, they go 15..if the speed limit sign says 35 mph, they go 25..if it says 50 mph(which is the highest it gets), they go 40..sometimes it can be really annoying, especially if your in a hurry to get somewhere. I just tell myself to chill out, and relax!


  1. I am glad they drive slower--safer for sure!!

  2. I remember last time you came back from Hawaii Jalen said 'yeah' after everything he said---I loved that!!! Also he called the guys all Uncle---No name just Uncle!!!