Saturday, September 24, 2011

milky, change and an update on Sugar Bear..

The milk finally arrived!

After running around, calling people, and finally getting all the right supplies, My Mom sent our box of breast milk off with the UPS delivery guy in hopes that it would arrive safely.

The cost was outrageous!

I guess being that it weighed over 30 lbs, and was to be sent overnight, they felt the need to charge an arm and a leg.

We bit the bullet, paid the $600 and waited....

It took 2 days from the time they picked it up, to the time it arrived on my doorstep.

Joe anxiously ran out and helped the UPS guy get it off the truck.

We video taped the opening of the box, and thank God, it was all still frozen solid!

There was only a tiny sliver of dry ice left in the styrofoam cooler.

We now have a freezer full of frozen donated breast milk, and are happy as can be!

Of course, the day it arrived, I got a message on facebook from a mama on Maui that has milk she is willing to give to us.

Wouldn't ya know?

I have been searching high and low, with no luck of a milk donor in Hawaii.

As soon as we pay a butt load of money, and have some shipped all the way from Kansas, I get a reply.

Oh well, I guess that for whatever reason we were meant to have that milk shipped.

We actually did really need it, because although I was contacted by a girl on Maui, she only has 50 oz right now, but is going to continue pumping for us and we will arrange a pick-up in about a month or so.

Then, about 2 days later, another girl contacted me.

She is on Ohau, and has about 100 oz to donate.

Her friend is coming to Kauai in the next few weeks, and will bring it with her.

I swear, the world works in mysterious ways!

I'm just happy to have milk for my baby, and feel so grateful to the women who so graciously donate.

We have still been giving it to little Hallie Rosebud sparingly (well kinda), and trying to push more foods and water.

She ate a ton of pasta today for lunch, and kept making an "mmmm" sound the whole time she was stuffing it in.

She then took down 4 oz of milky, and fell asleep.

We are going to make the 1 hour drive to Island School (Jalen's school) this evening for a fundraising event.

I am volunteering at the 7th grade game, which is the 2 liter ring toss.

I thought this might be a way to get to know some of the kids and maybe even parents.

Jalen has started a robotics after school class, which he loves!

The first day he said his group wasn't serious enough about it, and were goofing off more than building the robot.

Luckily, the 2nd day, he switched groups, and had a much better experience.

The only downfall is, we have to go pick him up at 5pm, all the way at his school.

We just got a 2nd car yesterday, so it will definitely make things easier.

Joe will be able to go get him, or I can go without Hallie.

Its just way to long for her to have to be stuck in that car seat.

Joe and I have both been running on the beach the past few mornings.

Yes Joe, who hates working out, is running on the beach and actually liking it!

He drops Jalen off at the bus stop at 6:35am, then heads over to Hanalei Bay Beach.

When he gets home,  I go.

I am sore today from my run yesterday. Its amazing how many more muscles you use running on the sand compared to running on the street or treadmill.

We hope to keep it up!

Just a little update on our little Sugar bug...

~her yellow breast milk poop, has just recently turned into "big people poop", and she is NOT happy about it...haha, sorry if that was TMI:)
~she loves dogs. makes the high pitched squeal every time she spots one.
~she loves her smoothies. we give them to her in a cup with a lid and straw. she drinks it down!
~she can say "daddy, mama(or sometimes mommy, but not often), "day" (jay)
~she signs "more" and "milk"
~when we ask her if she wants to go to the beach, she shakes her head "YES"!
~she has her top 2 teeth and bottom 2 (more are going to be coming through soon, I can see them buldging)
~she loves water~bath, hose, baby pool out back, ocean..
~she hardly ever gets to take a bath, because we always take an outside shower together. daddy sometimes comes down to help wash her, and then wraps her up in a towel(which she loves)
~she loves this new coconut mix stuff we recently bought at the health food store. its called Laughing Giraffe, and they have different flavors. she signs "more" any time we give her some
~her favorite foods are smoothies, toast with butter, peanut butter, or almond butter, scrambled eggs, yogurt, black beans, pinto beans, and brown (or white) rice.

She is a dream baby and we still pinch ourselves everyday!

Joe and I are very happy, and in a great place in our lives right now.

We feel so blessed to have the 2 most awesome kiddos, living our dream in Hawaii, and happily married:)

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  1. Love seeing the video so much---how awesome that it was still frozen solid===I was so thrilled when I found out---Love You!!!