Sunday, September 18, 2011

Weekend update

Today was a good day.

We hung around the house for most of the morning, then to my protest, we had to get out of the house!

Joe mentioned that there was a waterfall on the property of the farm he is working at that we have access to.

We packed up our water, Hallie's diapers, bottles, snacks, and headed out!

It took us about 20 minutes to get there, but boy was it worth it!

The landscaping was beautiful!

We walked down a small hill, and over a wooden bridge.

There it was.

The first waterfall we have been to since arriving to the islands..

We hiked over to it, and of course, wanted to get as close as possible.

Not so easy when your toting around a 1 year old:)

Joe was pretty determined though.

Since I haven't had very good luck with my balance and walking to waterfalls (wink, wink Jalen and Joe), we decided he should carry Sugar Bear.

We made our way over to the falls, and I took Hallie, while Jalen and Joe went and got under the water.

It was a little brisk, and started raining on us.

I held her close to keep her warm as we sat on the rocks and watched Daddy and bro bro.

After a few minutes we decided to go down stream where it was more calm.

Joe and Hallie walked on the grass, while Jalen talked me into floating down stream with him.

It was a rough ride.

We both had a flotation device (donkey and a ring), although the water was only like a foot deep.

Man, I tell ya what, it was a workout!

Not to mention how beat up I got.

There was lots of screaming, laughter, and Oh my Gods!!

We made it, but not without a few scratches.

When we finally left there, we were really hungry, as it was 1:30.

First we wanted to stop at the Hanalei Dolphin Fish Market and get some Ono for dinner..yum yum..

After that, we went to the Hanalei Cafe, and I ran in and got us food.

Hallie was asleep in the car, so we got it and drove home.

Felt good to get out and about with my little family!!


Yesterday we went to the Hanalei Farmers Market.

Just Joe, Hallie Rose, and I..Jalen wanted to sleep in.

Its apparent he is hitting his pre teen years with the amount of sleep he has been wanting to get lately:)

As we arrived, the parking lot was packed.

We got there just 10 minutes after it opened, thinking we were gonna be the early birds..I guess others had the same thought.

We immediately bought some sweet Kauai corn, 2 cucumbers, and 2 zucchini..I was feeling the need to buy right away because it was so busy.

Ends up, we didn't need to rush, as there was alot to offer.

We had a really good time.

Walking around, looking at the different unique fruits, and sampling some.

We sipped on a smoothie, and Halllie munched on some gluten free pizza crust (she has finally been eating more food, yayy Hallie Rose)

By the time we left, we had a bag full of yummy fruits and vegetables, and even a funky home made pizza (for Joe)

We will definitely be going back next Saturday!!

So far, we are settling in very well here.

We love the lifestyle, weather and nice people.

I think it is going to really open our minds up to new things, and bring us closer as a family.

We might even be attending CHURCH next weekend, at the cutest little church in Hanalei..also, yoga and meditation..if that doesn't say change and open minded, I don't know what does...

<3 is good! <3

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