Saturday, September 3, 2011

Maui Wowie!

So, we made it!

We arrived on Maui 3 days ago. Not sure what to talk about first.

I think I'll start with our crazy trip over here!

So, our car picked us up at 4:15 am, because our flight was scheduled to leave at 6:10am.

Well, our "car" was actually a stretch limo!

Joe wanted to surprise Jalen because he had never ridden in one before. I was surprised too!

We had a toast with our morning smoothie in champagne glasses, to "our big adventure".

Hallie woke up happy, although she didnt sleep well at all the night before.

She was teething and cried on and off all night (atleast it felt like all night)

She didnt like the fact that she couldnt see the lights in the limo, or the boys, because her car seat was rear facing.

We arrived at the airport, and were anxious to get through security because we had 2 coolers of frozen breast milk that we needed a physical check on.

Since we dont like it to go through the x-ray machine(unnecessary radiation), they have to pull it all out, and look through it. It can take a looong time.

We have done this a few times, so when they tell us "but it HAS to go through the x-ray machine"...we tell them, "NO, we know our rights and it doe NOT have to go through the x-ray machine"!

It is considered medication for the baby and is not subject to the x-ray if we do not want it to be.

I posted on Human Milk 4 Human Babies fb page a few days prior to us leaving because we were getting low, and thank goodness, a girl from Shawnee, KS replied and brought over around 400 oz for Hallie Rose! (see milk sharing post if your wondering about donated breast milk)

So, we made it through security, and were ready to start our adventure!!

The first leg of the trip was from Kansas to Denver.

The flight was around 2 hours long.

Hallie slept for about an hour, and Jalen watched a movie on the comp. It was a small plane, which I am not a fan of at all.

The second leg, was from Denver to Phoenix.

That flight was around 2 hours also.

Hallie slept only for about 20 min on that flight.

Overall, those 2 flights were pretty uneventful....compared to our next leg:)

The final leg was from Phoenix to Maui, which was gonna take about 6 hours.

We boarded the plane, and unfortunately, we couldnt all sit together. Jalen sat in front of Joe and I, in the middle of an older couple.

They were not very friendly at all!!

Joe, Hallie and I sat next to a woman who was not very baby friendly at all! It sucked!!!

Everytime Hallie would fuss, she would grimace and breath really deep and loud.

At one point, Hallie was playing with some blue silly putty stuff, and threw a ball of it into the ladies lap.

She freaked, and said "omg, I have on white"..

Her bad energy was definitely being felt by all 3 of us!

No one likes a crying baby on an airplane, especially the parents. But when the person your sitting next to is nice, it makes thing SO much easier!

As if it wasnt stressful enough trying to keep our 1 year old happy and busy on a 6 hour flight, having sucky people to sit next to made it worse.

I was up walking Hallie around, with about 1 hour left.

I saw some commotion up by our seats, and people crowding around.

"Oh no", I thought..."whats happening"...

I rushed up to see what was going on, to find our Jalen had woke up from a nap, and puked all over himself!!!

That never has happened before. He always has made it to the toilet in the past.

So, I handed Hallie to Joe, sent Jalen to the bathroom and started cleaning up...

To make a long story short, the people around us were very rude and unhappy, the flight attendant was rude, and here I am trying to clean up puke.

Not to mention Hallie was fussing because she wanted me!

AND Jalen did not have a change of clothes...

Luckily, there was some nice people on the plane who heard what was going on, and offered up a pair of shorts for Jalen.

He was fine after puking, not sick at all. I said it was probably KARMA...those people were all so rude, unhappy, and mean.

Look what ended up happening to them. They nearly got puked on, and the lady next to us had a fussy baby in her ear for hours.

Then, to top it all off...Hallie pooped. Big time.

As soon as they put us in a row all together, the energy was much better, Hallie was a happy baby, and Jalen was a happy 12 year old.

Man, was I happy to get off that plane, and see beautiful MAUI:)))))

Since being on Maui for a few days, we have come to the realization, that its not the island for us.

It is beautiful, dont get me wrong, but it is way to big and busy for our liking.

We took a vote, and with 100% of the vote, we have decided to move to KAUAI!!!

We love it there.

It is small, intimate, quaint, beautiful, and just what we want in our island life!!

We leave in 2 days, and have been busy searching the internet for a short-term place to stay, rental car, and a long-term place to live.

We are excited to be somewhere we are familiar with, and know we absolutely LOVE!

We have had a good time here on Maui, but we are ready to get our feet planted on an island we can call home for a year.

My hands hurt from typing, so Im gonna go for now.

I will keep you all posted on our adventure to Kauai.


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