Thursday, November 10, 2011

a whole lot of nothing!

Man, Im having a total brain fart!!!

I cant think of anything specific I want to blog about.

I have all these random thoughts, but they are in no way connected, except that they are my thoughts:)

Part of me wants to say, "screw it, Im not going to blog today", and go hit the beach..

The other part of me says, UPDATE YOUR BLOG CARLIE BESS!! lol

Today is my day to do whatever I want, while Joe is taking care of Hallie, so I need to take advantage of my time.

Since we are both so fortunate to not have to work while here in Hawaii, we had to come up with something to give us space:)

So, he goes and does his own thing 2 days a week, I go do my thing 2 days, and then we go do stuff as a family on the other days.

It has been working out well.

On my day, I usually am laying on a beach, blogging, or doing nothing!

While he is usually out running around "getting things done"...

I guess thats the difference between him and I.


I am still not concrete on a post today, so I will just say that Im good, Joe is good, Jalen is doing fine, and Hallie Rose is happy.

We are going camping this weekend at a beach park called Annini.

It will be our first time camping with little Sugar Bear.

We are excited!!

I will post some pics and an update on how it went next week:)


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