Friday, April 1, 2011

New nap spot

So, little Hallie Rosebud is a dare devil..

The other day I was walking upstairs with a huge stack of clean towels. She was supposed to be asleep on my bed, the monitor was on. I hadn't heard a peep.

As I got to the top of the stairs, I looked into my room, and she was literally 2 seconds from face planting on the floor.

I dropped the towels, and ran to catch her. It kind of took my breath away. It was that close.

She had one hand reaching for the ground, and one hand still on the bed. Luckily, I came at the exact second that I did, otherwise, we would have had one hurt, scared little girl.

Our bed is of course on a frame, so its about 2-3 feet off the floor. Not good.

She just doesn't quite understand that she cannot lunge off the bed, without consequences.

She tries it all the time, but we are always there to stop her. Im hoping she will learn sooner than later, that she cannot do that.

My niece, Scarlet, is 3 months older than Hallie, and she knows not to do that. So, Im confident it will come soon..

I told Joe that from now on, we have to put her in the pack n play while napping, unless we are right there.

I tried that, and umm yeah, didnt go so well.

She woke up immediately and wasnt having anything to do with it.

I took her out, and rocked her back to sleep.

As I rocked her, I had an idea...take the mattress out of her crib that she has never slept in, and put it on the floor in our room.

That way it is close to the ground, and she can nap safely, while I am not able to be right there.

Some of you may ask "why not just put her in her crib to sleep"? Well, because that is just not how we do things around here.

I grabbed the mattress, and put it up against a wall in our room. I then rolled up a few blankets to fill in any holes between the mattress and our dresser. I then put 2 king size pillows next to the mattress, so that if she were to roll off, it would be a cushy roll. It worked out great!

I had to lay down with her for a few minutes, and she was asleep. I turned the monitor on, and went to take a nice, relaxing bath.

She didnt wake up..until I came back in the room, and turned the breast pump on (man, those things are loud)..

I picked her up and put her in our bed, where she is most comfortable, and belongs.

She is fast asleep, as I type and pump.

Joe and Jbird went to pick up a motorcycle Joe bought.

He is going to start racing again. Flat dirt track. Im excited!

He is getting to do something he absolutely loves, and we as a family will get to go watch him win!!

Oh, and the hubby took his CPAT test, which is a physical endurance test for Firefighting, he passed! Good job!!

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