Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sudden trip

(started to write this back in July)
Well, we have left the Garden Isle, and returned to the Land of Oz!! I have been saying for a few months now that I wanted to go back to KC for Hallie's 3rd birthday, not knowing I would be coming back on different terms. I hadn't booked a ticket, when I got a call that my Dad had fallen on his afternoon walk, and was in the hospital. All I knew was he couldn't feel his legs. Talk about feeling FAR AWAY FROM HOME!! At that moment, all I wanted to do was be there with my family, hear the doctors speak, and find out the expected outcome of my Dad's condition. My girlfriend from high school had just gotten to Hawaii to visit for a week. So, its not like I could just jump on a plane and go. When I found out that my Dad had hurt his neck, was going to need surgery, but was expected to recover nicely..I decided to wait and fly back with my friend 5 days later. Being the only girl in the family, with 4 brothers, I have always been very involved in my parents medical care and I'm the "go to" person when there is a family issue. It was hard for me to not be that person, but allowing my brothers to be there for my parents felt awesome. I have to say, they have all impressed me with their loving and supportive nature. My oldest brother, Casey, has power of attorney over my Dad's medical care, which takes a great strain off my Mom. Casey knows my Dad very well, and knows what he would want. Kelly, Zach and Chase have all been visiting and helping whenever possible. When I arrived in KC, I picked up my car and headed to the rehab hospital where my Dad is at. It was very hard to see him in the state he was. The first few days were the worst because he was just so confused, defiant and not understanding the severity of the accident. For him to heal, his mental state had to improve. Finally, over about a two week period, it slowly got better and better. He started walking with a walker and feeding himself with the use of an assisted device.

UPDATE: My Mom, brothers and I have all been there as much as we can and are doing everything possible to help him improve. I am back in Hawaii so I can only do so much, but I do call my Mom alot to talk and see how things are going. We got them a patio furniture set for their birthday's, which they have been thoroughly enjoying. Thankfully I can say he has come a very long way in the last 2 1/2  months. It is crazy how life can turn around in a second. I trust that everything that happens is supposed to happen, and there is always good in the (seemingly) bad. This accident is going to allow my Dad to slow down in life, appreciate his family and friends, and live happy and healthy for hopefully another 30+ years. God sure does have a way of working things out. It has been shown to me numerous times over the past few years. My prayers have been answered in so many ways and I just know that things will all work out with my Dad. My brother took over my his Chiropractic office and is loving it! I miss my parents everyday, but I am so thankful they are both here to Skype and talk to anytime I want  <3

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